Prosafe Engineering are the exclusive Agent & Distributor for Smith Flow Control and Netherlocks products in the UK. This unique partnership allows us to offer a vast range of Mechanical Interlocks and other valve & process safety related products, designed to suit a range of varied requirements and industries.

As part of our agreement, we also provide a comprehensive suite of Site Services, including surveys, installation, commissioning and maintenance of all the Smith Flow Control & Netherlocks product range. All of our site technicians have extensive product and industry experience and have been trained in-house by the manufacturers we represent, thus providing our clients with on-site experts during each of our visits within the UK, offshore and overseas.

Mechanical Interlocks are used all around the globe to ensure the safety of users, assets and equipment. The patented design of the liner key exchange, allows users to lock one, or even hundreds of valves within an operating procedure.

The user initially retrieves a ‘start’ key from the control room and can only open / close the valve that the ‘start’ key corresponds to, which is identified within the operating procedure. The user then operates the first valve and is able to remove the next key in the sequence, which transfers to the next lock in the operating sequence. Once a full or part procedure is completed, the last key is returned to the control room cabinet. The key in the control room allows visibility of the position of all the valves within that sequence.

Common uses for interlocks include, but are not limited to:

  • Twin relief valves
  • Pig trap closures, vent, drain, inlet and kicker valves
  • Pump startup / shutdown
  • Tanker loading bays
  • Actuated valves
  • Ethylene furnaces
  • CO2 deluge systems
  • Boiler bottom blowdown sequences

dual PSV interlock        2   SFC MOV