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Process facilities are inherently dangerous so our process safety solutions provide the guaranteed protection that your operating personnel deserve.

We supply:

  • Valve automation for smarter, more efficient valve operations.
  • Mechanical valve interlocking for creating a safe sequence of manual valve isolation.
  • Pressure relief systems designed to react at precise thresholds
  • Safety Breakaway couplings for the safe transfer of hazardous chemicals, liquids & gases.

No matter which solution that your application calls for, all of the process equipment that we specify has been custom built to exacting precision.

Mechanical valve interlocks are used to control the safe sequence of operation for your manual valve activation processes – eliminating human error.

These interlocking systems are mounted onto manual isolation valves and can only be opened or closed with the transfer of uniquely coded keys from valve to valve, compelling your operators to follow the correct operating procedure.

This ensures that the system cannot be bypassed, guaranteeing ‘right first time’ valve operations.

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Hydraulic, pneumatic and motorised valve actuators, enable your operators to remotely open and close your manual valves as well as rapidly operating your larger valves.

Power-operated valve actuators are useful as they can rotate the valve stem on multi-turn and quarter turn valves without the associated physical strain of manual valve operation.

Remote valve actuation is an ideal choice when you need to safely operate valves in hazardous areas.

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Portable Valve actuators provide your operators with a power-assisted method of easily actuating large manual valves within the field that are typically hard to operate.

These portable valve actuators include the Power Wrench and the EasiDrive from Sofis. Both of these tools make operating time-consuming valves in a matter of minutes, without the need for expensive actuators. 

In fact, these portable valve actuators can reduce your valve operating times by up to 80%. 

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Valve Position Indicators are high performance switch boxes that provide real-time feedback of your manual multi-turn & quarter turn valves.

A VPI detects when valves have reached their open or closed position and sends a signal to your DCS, providing reliable valve status information to your control room.

Accurate position data helps you to further optimise your process performance, and prevents safety issues or product contamination caused by incorrect valve line-ups.

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Rupture Discs, also referred to as bursting discs, are pressure management systems to safeguard your critical processes and capital equipment from catastrophic failure.

Typical pressure relief systems are prone to numerous installation and maintenance errors that cause unnecessary cost and downtime.

Oseco/Elfab’s one piece design combines the traditional three components of rupture disc systems into one hermetically sealed component, providing worry-free installations without maintenance complexities.

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Temporarily isolate your equipment in a secure manner with lockout tagout products for applications where sequential control isn’t required.

Lockout products are flexible personal safety-only solutions to prevent the release of potentially hazardous materials during maintenance and servicing activities.

Our Lockout/Tagout range contains a variety of padlocks in different sizes, materials, and locking devices to temporarily lock a power source. LOTO should not be used as a substitute for valve interlocking.

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Static Mixers from Sulzer are tubular internals that produce your desired mixing and dispersion effects as the fluid flows around motionless mixer parts.

Whether you are looking for general purpose mixers, simple monotube heat exchangers or highly-effective tube bundle heat reactors; the static mixers from Sulzer can produce small volumes with an incredibly efficient mixing reliability. 

Make use of leading and pace-making technology with the most energy efficient mixer designs the refinery, oil and gas, chemical, fiber and polymer industries.

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Pipeline buildups can have disastrous effects on your operations as well as impinging upon flow integrity. 

Pigging procedures help to ensure optimal flow conditions within oil & gas pipelines. These ‘pigs’ perform numerous functions from purging, cleaning, and/or inspecting pipelines. 

Drop us a message to see how we can help you with your pigging operations.  

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From Orifice Plates to Heat Exchangers, we can supply a wide selection of Process Equipment to suit your technical requirements.

Our in-house engineering team can assist with the design and procurement of your Process Equipment.

We have in-house machining facilities which  enable us to manufacture parts and equipment, as well as sourcing manufactured goods.

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Hydrogen is set to play a vital part in the transition towards cleaner energy sources for transport and industry.

If you are one of the many companies that are investing in green Hydrogen production hubs, we can supply a wide array of process equipment required for the various applications within the hydrogen production or transportation processes.

Get in touch with us to discuss your process equipment requirements 

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