EasiDrive Portable Valve Actuator

Full Actuation of
your Manual Valves

The operation of large manual valves in the field can be a physically demanding & time-consuming task for your operators. 

With the EasiDrive portable actuator from Sofis. you can easily operate tight or partially-seized multi-turn valves in a matter of minutes. In fact, you can save up to 80% of time when using the EasiDrive in comparison to manual valve operation. 

The EasiDrive saves you having to install expensive fixed actuators on your manual valves. By fitting low-cost mounting and reaction kits, you can operator all valves with a single tool. Each mounting kit includes a reaction assembly that protects the operator from potential kickback. Since impact is fully absorbed by a reaction arm, it minimises the risk of back strain and muscle damage.  

Maximise efficiency during valve operations

The EasiDrive portable actuator is especially useful on valves that require a high number of turns, are otherwise difficult to operate due to high torque, or where adverse climates make operations more challenging.  

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Available in two product variants, the EasiDrive can either be powered by connection to your plant’s air system or by an electricity source. 

Mounting and reaction kit configurations

You can choose from four possible mounting configurations. To select your preferred kit, first check whether your valve has a rising stem or not. Then, determine whether you want to retain the original handwheel for manual valve operation

Direct, handwheel off
Direct, handwheel on
Offset, handwheel off
Offset, handwheel on

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