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Ensure Correct Rupture Disc Performance

We can supply a series of rupture disc holders and accessories, including pipe covers, spacers and tri-clamps, for use with Oseco-Elfab rupture discs and rupture detection sensors.


With a wide range of sizes, materials and face-to-face dimensions available, the rupture disc holders are suitable for most processes and applications when you need to ensure the disc is properly seated before installation into your pressure system. 

Oseco-Elfab also manufacture many holders as a multi-flanged design, offering you a unique opportunity to reduce stock and improve supply chain management. 

Insert Holders: For use with most Oseco-Elfab discs that come in three-seating variants, PRDI, FRDI and RDI.

Booted Holders: Suited for use in applications where  protection against aggressive corrosives is required.

Threaded Holders: Widely used on high pressure applications up to 15,000 psig.

OPR/OPK Holder: For use with OPR+/OPK+ discs, the holder is available with taps for an excess flow valve.

Pre-torqued Insert Holders: Designed to be removed for inspection purposes without disturbing torque valves. 

VRDI: Reduced diameter insert holder for use with the VAPRO rupture disc. 

Bolted Holders: Available with any combination of either weld-neck or threaded inlet and outlet connections. 

Union Holders: Economical holders for use in applications where installation space is particularly limited. 

POSI: Reduced diameter insert holder for use with the POSIPRO rupture disc. 

Pipe Covers: Provides protection for safety relief valve discharge piping and free vented discs from chemicals, snow, insects & birds.

Spacers: The spacers are used to place sensors downstream of a rupture disc where separate a disc and sensor is required.

Tri-Clamps: 304 stainless steel tri-clamp fitting model 13MHHMD for use with sensors and discs.

Downloads & Datasheets

Insert Holder

Bolted Holder

Booted Holder

Union Holder

OPR/OPK Holder

Threaded Holder

Pre-torqued Insert
Holder Datasheet

Pipe Covers

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