Sulzer SMX plus

A Revolution for
Laminar Flow

The Sulzer static mixer type SMX plus excels with the most efficient homogenisation at some 50% of the usual pressure drop in laminar flow applications. 

Even challenging mixing applications such as dosing a small amount of low-viscous additive into a high-viscous main stream can be performed in a particularly efficient manner.  

Depending upon the application either smaller pumps with lower energy consumption can be used or much smaller mixers could be designed, potentially resulting in reduced size of the whole plant. 

The possibility of performing a mixing duty with a smaller mixer and strongly reduced residence times can be useful in cases where product degradation is quite problematic. 

Technical Specification

  • SMx plus  diameter: 15 mm – 200 mm 
  • Excellent mixing and dispersing even with widely differing fluid viscosities 
  • Standard material: stainless steel, 1.4404
  • Efficient mixing of sensitive products under minimal shear stress
  • Benefit from no deposits or blockages 
  • SMX plus with 50% lower pressure drop compared to standard SMX mixer

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