Valve Interlocking

Hand-wheel Operated
Valve Interlocks

Handwheel valve interlocks control the sequence of operation for multi-turn valves, such as gear and globe valves.

Lever Operated
Valve Interlocks

Lever operated valve interlocks control the sequence of operation for your quarter-turn ball, butterfly and plug valves.

Vessel Door
Closure Locks

Vessel Closure Locks restrict access to the vessel and can only unlocked when the sequence of operation is complete. 

Mechanical Sequence
Control Units

Mechanical Sequence Control Units function as mechanical PLCs to control complex valve interlocking sequences.

Valve Interlocks

Actuated valve Interlocks block and regulate the local controls & manual overrides of your motor operated valves.

Actuator Switch
Lock Panel

Electronically manage the local controls of your actuators from remote locations with the Actuator Switch Lock Panel.

Electronic Key

The electronic key management system detects and records the insertion and removal interlock keys in a central location.

Solenoid Controlled
Valve Interlocks

Solenoid controlled interlocks only permit equipment from being opened or closed once safety parameters have been met. 

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