Electronic Key Management

Gain Valuable Insight into Interlock Usage

Although Valve interlocks improve process safety, challenges may arise through poor use of interlocks and limited operational knowledge.

Time taken searching for missing keys or taking the wrong one in to the field, can cause considerable delays. Furthermore, in using mechanical interlocks alone, you cannot make use of all the data driven insights, with plants becoming more technologically driven.

To enable your operators to work more efficiently with valve interlocks, the intelligent key management system from Sofis ensures that your operators find the right interlock key with ease. With electronic monitoring and management of key usage, you gain the full benefits from your interlock installations. 

Electronic Key Management in Practice

Key management systems detect and record insertion and removal of interlock keys in one central database. If a key is missing for longer than expected, an email alert can be triggered to inform you. The key is traceable down to an individual, operator level so you can promptly act upon this insight to minimise downtime. 

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Improve Your Plant Performance

To enhance plant processes you are often reliant on accurate, granular data and status from all your assets, including your manual valve systems. Through monitoring and logging of key movements, these intelligent key management systems provide valuable data regarding your manual valve processes.

You’ll capture obtain new insights from your plant assets, based on manual valve change-over data. As a result, you can analyse this information to improve the usage and longevity of your systems. For example you can measure how frequently valves are operated in order to better plan  your maintenance activities. 

Choose from 3 systems for every requirement

You can choose from three key management systems designed with you and your operators in mind. Boasting a modular and scalable design, you can add to each system as and when your requirements change.

KM Detect

Electronically authorise and control key usage. Get a snap shot overview of the status of your valve systems.

KM Collect

A more advanced system that also gives you a granular record of your interlock key activity.

KM Interact

The most advanced system, providing full operational guidance and can exchange data with any plant system. 

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