Lever Operated Valve Interlocks

Suits all types of
Quarter-turn Valves

Lever operated valve interlocks from Sofis are the ideal choice when you need to lock off your quarter turn manual valves. 

These 90 degree valve interlocks can be mounted onto your ball, butterfly, and plug valves to guarantee that your operators follow the correct sequence of operation of all valves within the interlocking sequence. 

Available in either single key or double key units, the single key interlocks will only release a key to your operators once the valve has been locked in either the open or closed position. With double key interlocks, the first key can only be released in the fully open position and the second key will only be released once the valve has reached the fully closed position. 

What is Valve Interlocking?

Valve Interlocking is a method of reducing the risk of human error associated with manual valve operation. Interlocking systems guide your operators through a safe sequence of operation with the transfer of uniquely coded, linear keys, from valve to valve.

This ensures that only the correct valves are opened and/or closed in the correct manner as part of your process safety applications. These applications may include pressure relief valves, pig launching and receiving, inert gas systems, flare lines, boiler blow-down ad decoking.

We can supply a number of lever operated interlocks such as the QL valve interlocks from Smith Flow Controls & the NDL valve interlocks from Netherlocks.

These interlocks can be fitted to the valve during live process, without the need to shut-down the system, nor does it compromise the certified pressure envelope of your system.

In fact, installing these interlocks on the host valve is a simple procedure that requires no modification or hot-work to your process equipment as the anchor and adaptors are custom-machined to suit the valve. 

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