Mechanical Sequence Control Units

Safeguarding Complex Valve Operations

Valve interlocks are commonly used to secure linear valve operating sequences (open valve A, B and C and close in reversed order: C, B, A). Sometimes, in more complex valve interlocking sequences you must deviate from this linear procedure and repeat steps or return to previous steps, not in reversed order. 

That’s where sequence control units from Sofis come into play.  These units act as a mechanical PLC that enable your operators can complete complex operational processes in non-linear valve interlocking sequences.

SCU’s are mechanically-programmed valve interlock key exchange units that controls complicated procedures such as pig launching & receiving, and filter regeneration applications. These units are placed locally to your valve systems and provide additional sequence guidance in the field.

How do Sequence Control Units Function?

Sequence Control Units are used when operators needs to confirm specific operating steps or to repeat specific operating steps within a valve interlocking sequence.

Similar to a key exchange unit, all keys within a  SCU are trapped, Yet, it differs from a key exchange unit in that, upon inserting a permit key, a selector knob is rotated to a fixed position before the next key is issued for the following operation within your valve interlocking procedure.

Mechanical Valve Interlocking Sequence Control

We carry Sequence Control Units from both Smith Flow Controls & Netherlocks including sequence control panels that integrate mechanical sequence control, actuator controls and authorising signals.

There is also an option that allows for the the presence of keys inside the exchange control unit to be fed back to your DCS system. This provides field equipment status information to your control room.

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