Printing Facility – Interlocking System to Control Emissions


Whilst the majority of valve interlock installations are for safety reasons this particular scope was driven purely by environmental and financial reasons.

The client had two gas turbines, two gas boilers and a back-up diesel generator for providing heat and power to their facility. Their power producing assets had a combined thermal output of over 60MW which meant they had to register in the UKETS (UK Emissions Trading Scheme).

Having valve interlocks on the outlet valves of the equipment means they cannot operate all of power producing plant at the same time, which in turn reduces their useable power rating to below 20MW. Being below 20MW means they make a huge reduction in their carbon footprint and can remove them from the UKETS, saving in excess of six figures £ per year. 

For this scope Avenium Engineering provided the following services:

> Valve Interlocking system design.

> Procurement of market leading Smith Flow Control mechanical interlocks.

> Installation and commissioning of the hardware on site.

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