Static Mixers

Static Mixer

CompaX static mixers are the most economical choice for admixing additives in the turbulent flow regime. 

Static Mixer

The Sulzer static mixers SMI and KVM are best suited for liquid to liquid mixing in turbulent flow. 

Static Mixer

SMV static mixers are used for applications where a distributive, homogeneous mixing and blending action is required. 

SMX plus
Static Mixer

The SMX plus is the reference for homogenisation and dispersing tasks in laminar flow. 

Heat Exchanger

The SMR mixer reactor is a tube bundle heat exchanger that allows high effective cooling or heating of viscous media. 

SMXL Monotube
Heat Exchanger

The SMXL monotube heat exchanger is the simplest version of a static mixer / heat exchanger for continuous mixing. 

SMXL Multitube
Heat Exchanger

The SMXL multitube heat exchanger offers improved heating or cooling of viscous media at high throughputs. 

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