Rupture Discs

Safety Cartridge

The Safety Cartridge combines the three traditional components of a rupture disc system into one hermatically sealed unit.


A sanitary pressure relief solution specifically designed for applications where cleanability is paramount.

Forward Acting Scored

A high performance forward acting rupture disc designed to withstand the most demanding applications. 

HPSR - High Pressure
Scored Reverse

The HPSR buckling rupture disc assembly is built for high pressure gas and liquid applications.

PRO+KRGL - Precision
Reverse Operating

The PRO+KRGL is a reverse buckling rupture disc for high cycling performance and demanding applications. 

Lithium Battery

The PRO-LP low pressure disc is ideal for low pressure applications such as protecting lithium battery enclosures.

Reverse Acting

The OPR+/OPK+ is a high performance reverse buckling rupture disc suitable for various sizes & burst pressures.


The composite is forward acting rupture disc that delivers an excellent pressure performance range.

PLR - High
Performance Reverse

The PLR is a high performance reverse buckling rupture disc designed for very  low-pressure applications.  

PCR - Precision
Cut Reverse

The PRC is a reverse buckling disc ideally suited to high cycling and high vacuum gas and vapour applications. 

PSR - Precision
Scored Reverse

The PSR is a reverse buckling, non fragmenting rupture disc which is excellent for relief valve isolation. 

FLCO - Flat Low
Pressure Composite

The FLCO is a flat low pressure rupture disc that mounts between ANSI RF flanges which doesn’t require a holder.


The GraphiTech flat rupture discs are made from resin impregnated graphite for use in high corrosive applications.


Bidirectional rupture discs are economical alternatives which provides positive & vacuum pressure protection.

Sterilised Discs for
Sanitary Applications

Oseco/Elfab carry numerous sterilised rupture disc variants that are specifically designed for sanitary applications. 

Explosion Vents

Explosion vents are designed to rupture in the event of an explosion to reduce overpressure, releasing the explosion in a controlled manner. 

Transportation Railcar Discs

The transportation rail car discs provide reliable protection for rail cars and intermodal containers that are transporting dangerous goods.

Sensing & Detection

Rupture Disc sensors are used to monitor and detect when a rupture disc has burst. Some sensors within this portfolio are designed to be non-invase.

Overpressure Protection

Extruder burst plugs, welded disc assemblies, soldered disc assemblies and pressure relief devices all protect against over pressurisation.

Downhole Tool
Activation Discs

½”  and ¼”  NPT burst plugs facilitate downhole pressure activation and are designed to perform in even the most aggressive downhole conditions.

Rupture Disc
Holders & Accessories

View the collection of holder assemblies for the various rupture discs that we supply as well as other accessories including pipe covers, spacers and tri-clamps.

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